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That which keeps us afloat

April is the time of the year when the additive months of psychological toil and physical stress from first year of fellowship culminates in a palpable weight. The sleepless nights of weeks of calls on end, the familiar scenarios of ushering family through tough times, and the dedication of advocating for your patient builds up to a… Continue reading That which keeps us afloat

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To Stony River

Fast Facts about Eldoret, Kenya, my journey's destination. The Maasai originally referred to this area as eldore (stony river) after the nearby Sosiani River, but this proved too linguistically challenging for the South African Voortrekkers who settled here in 1910 and they named their settlement Eldoret instead. It is the capital and largest town in… Continue reading To Stony River

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Second choice for me was the best choice for me

When I matched at Indiana University 3 years ago, I was disappointed when i saw the email because it was not my first choice. Yes, there, I said it. It was actually number 2. Shocking, I know.  Not only did I not have an awesome celebratory ceremony (was my school was too cheap? too disorganized?),… Continue reading Second choice for me was the best choice for me