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Breaking in

  It takes time to break into a new setting. This is especially true for a cross-cultural, international experience. Five weeks into my time in Africa (four in Mbarara), I finally feel like a routine has set in, and I have gotten used to the way life is here. It's nice to have made friends… Continue reading Breaking in

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When we can’t do everything for everyone.

  T was a patient on our team. She was 32 years old, HIV+ for 1 year, on first line anti-retrovirals who presented with painless jaundice. With suspicion of symptoms being medication related, Efavirenz (anti-HIV med) had been stopped by her local village dispensary, but her symptoms didn't improve. The first day she was in… Continue reading When we can’t do everything for everyone.

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a day in the life

Mbarara is a verdant and lush city. There are palm trees, trees with avocados, mangos, and jackfruit. Different flowering plants and large cranes and birds are everywhere. Although the 15-minute walk to the hospital in the morning is spent avoiding cars and bota-botas, the surrounding view is quite pleasant. We also pass by a prepatory… Continue reading a day in the life