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Breaking in

  It takes time to break into a new setting. This is especially true for a cross-cultural, international experience. Five weeks into my time in Africa (four in Mbarara), I finally feel like a routine has set in, and I have gotten used to the way life is here. It's nice to have made friends… Continue reading Breaking in

International health, medicine, Uganda

Bugoye Health Center

 The Rwenzori Mountains are an equatorial mountain range located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bugoye is a District Health Center for villages nestled in and on the foothills near these moutains. There is currently a Fogarty and Doris Duke  fellow there in addition to MGH residents who support… Continue reading Bugoye Health Center

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When we can’t do everything for everyone.

  T was a patient on our team. She was 32 years old, HIV+ for 1 year, on first line anti-retrovirals who presented with painless jaundice. With suspicion of symptoms being medication related, Efavirenz (anti-HIV med) had been stopped by her local village dispensary, but her symptoms didn't improve. The first day she was in… Continue reading When we can’t do everything for everyone.

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a day in the life

Mbarara is a verdant and lush city. There are palm trees, trees with avocados, mangos, and jackfruit. Different flowering plants and large cranes and birds are everywhere. Although the 15-minute walk to the hospital in the morning is spent avoiding cars and bota-botas, the surrounding view is quite pleasant. We also pass by a prepatory… Continue reading a day in the life

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Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

 MTRH is a tertiary referral hospital for Western Kenya. Though our time there was limited to only a few days, I was glad to have experienced a piece of it. On the wards, us U.S. residents joined a team of intern, medical students (4-6th years), and a registrar, or resident. Rounds begin at 9am each… Continue reading Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

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To Stony River

Fast Facts about Eldoret, Kenya, my journey's destination. The Maasai originally referred to this area as eldore (stony river) after the nearby Sosiani River, but this proved too linguistically challenging for the South African Voortrekkers who settled here in 1910 and they named their settlement Eldoret instead. It is the capital and largest town in… Continue reading To Stony River

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Second choice for me was the best choice for me

When I matched at Indiana University 3 years ago, I was disappointed when i saw the email because it was not my first choice. Yes, there, I said it. It was actually number 2. Shocking, I know.  Not only did I not have an awesome celebratory ceremony (was my school was too cheap? too disorganized?),… Continue reading Second choice for me was the best choice for me


Poverty and the Jungle.

What is the distinguishing feature of poverty? Is it Homelessness? Lack of material things? Welfare?What I think of when I think of poverty: locally in Indianapolis this means Wishard advantage, panhandlers standing on I-65 exits on 29th and 30th streets with signs; globally-- lack of clean water, infectious diseases, orphans.I met a patient this morning… Continue reading Poverty and the Jungle.