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No one wants to talk about it

Dying in the university ICU. Only the dying come into the ICU. No one wants to hear it, but it's the truth. 40% of the patients who come into our ICU, die in our hospital. Maybe not right away, but in a few days or a few weeks later, their disease is relentless, irreversible and their organs continue to fail, beyond… Continue reading No one wants to talk about it

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A Visual Tour of Santa Fe

The overwhelming wealth of arts, culture, landscape of Santa Fe and surrounding areas made my weekend trip feel like an exotic escape to a different country. The beauty of the architecture, notably the adobe-style buildings with its earth tones contrasting with the turquoise skies, made for visual delights.  Vigas, heavy rafters atop the ceilings, were reminders of what… Continue reading A Visual Tour of Santa Fe

faith, medicine, pulmonary and critical care fellowship

That which keeps us afloat

April is the time of the year when the additive months of psychological toil and physical stress from first year of fellowship culminates in a palpable weight. The sleepless nights of weeks of calls on end, the familiar scenarios of ushering family through tough times, and the dedication of advocating for your patient builds up to a… Continue reading That which keeps us afloat