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A Visual Tour of Santa Fe

The overwhelming wealth of arts, culture, landscape of Santa Fe and surrounding areas made my weekend trip feel like an exotic escape to a different country. The beauty of the architecture, notably the adobe-style buildings with its earth tones contrasting with the turquoise skies, made for visual delights.  Vigas, heavy rafters atop the ceilings, were reminders of what… Continue reading A Visual Tour of Santa Fe


A ship may be safest in harbor, but that is not what ships are for.

Our trip to Bodeni is less than 1 month away. I am getting nervous and excited in anticipation of our time there.  A lot of people on our team have family members who have expressed concern in light of the recent events of Ebola in West Africa and the passenger plane shot down over Ukrainian air.… Continue reading A ship may be safest in harbor, but that is not what ships are for.


Poverty and the Jungle.

What is the distinguishing feature of poverty? Is it Homelessness? Lack of material things? Welfare?What I think of when I think of poverty: locally in Indianapolis this means Wishard advantage, panhandlers standing on I-65 exits on 29th and 30th streets with signs; globally-- lack of clean water, infectious diseases, orphans.I met a patient this morning… Continue reading Poverty and the Jungle.