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Each Fresh Peak Ascended Teaches Something

Mulanje is my favorite place in Malawi.  I recently hiked up 1300m to the plateau and took a picture from the exact place where I had been 7 months prior.  It is the dry season in Malawi, and there is a persistent haze in the air.  The dry and yellow grass on the mountain is getting burned in various places, and the smoke creates a fog.   The two pictures below are quite striking.

Sunset on Elephant’s Head in dry season 9/2017 You can see the left side of the field has been burnt.
Sunset during rainy season 2/2017, you can see clear out into the Zomba Plateau about 50 miles away.

The hot and dry season is officially here.  The weather is getting much warmer. The jacaranda trees are blooming their lilac blossoms on otherwise naked, leafless branches.  When you first see it, it looks fantastical, unreal.  They are truly magical.IMG_2622I think about how far I have come in the last 7 months, and it is truly a long ways.  8600 miles away from those I love.  3.5 months of my life without seeing people who are my community.  But closer to finding answers to these scientific questions of mine.  I hope it does result in findings that move the field forward, that leads to better therapies for Malawians.

Before I go, I will attend the annual scientific meeting here in Malawi and give an oral presentation.  I am hoping to at least highlight how awesome this Malawi-Indiana partnership has been so far.

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2 thoughts on “Each Fresh Peak Ascended Teaches Something”

  1. Oh, Most Wonderful Friend and Researcher . . .I can hardly believe you’re about to conclude this special journey to which you’ve allowed some of us to view from your perspective! I will never get to go where you’ve been, but I’ve loved the written reports … thank you!!
    About a month ago you sent me an email about something that might help me . . . it’s flitting around in cyber space, I guess . . . while praying over it, it disappeared. If possible, I would like to receive it again, please. Thank you.

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