New Mexico

Georgia O’Keefe’s Southwest


I arrived today in Georgia O’Keefe’s Southwest today in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here I first observed the adobe buildings and the dessert-shrubs dotting the landscape of an arid land.  I remember the many Georgia O’Keefe paintings I first admired as a middle schooler: the many flora and fauna that is typical of these parts, the animal skulls that put a slight shiver and awe in my young soul.



Today, I felt as if I got to know her a little better. Her life, her inspirations, and her surroundings. Driving down the Torquoise Highway, I drank in the scenic landscape and the stark contrast to the midwest. The 1920’s New Mexico may be quite a bit different from today’s, but I imagine little of the surrounding views have changed much. It’s inspiring to be somewhere so different and so vast. Makes me want to stay a while to unleash my creative side and just drink coffee read books, and write for a while. Maybe when I graduate fellowship.



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